Hello. I am Christine. I am many things: a Chinese-American quasi-adult in her 20’s, an opera singer, an actress, an animal fanatic, a lover, a hater, a fighter, a failure, a success story waiting to be completed, a listener, a crybaby, a brick wall, an open-minded bisexual, a hand to hold, a fount of passion, a believer, an achiever, an awkward girl, a broken spirit, an old, enduring soul, and so on, and so forth… I am all of these things, and I am also a human with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder).

There are many, many stigmas about those suffering with BPD. We are thought to be manipulative, attention-seeking, treatment-resistant, drama queens, demanding, and even professional therapists/psychologists often deem us unworthy of their time and energy.

But I am not defined by my BPD. And although in being called a “personality disorder,” it is easy to believe that this is a life-long illness, it is NOT a life sentence.

I’m creating this blog in an effort to chronicle my experiences in life, my BPD and the extreme emotions that come with it, and my attempts to work through them or, at the least, express & explain myself.

I guess I’ll begin today.

-Christine (1/23/16).


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